We invite you to visit
Sycamore Square in Historic Fairhaven
from Past to Present

This building offers all the desired amenities and atmosphere that makes you feel welcome.
Become a part of our small town.

A Landmark Location
This Landmark Building is an ideal location for small businesses requiring office space. This office building is centrally located in the historic section of Fairhaven. Just ask anyone if they know where Sycamore Square is located, they will tell you the big brick building on the corner of 12th and Harris!
Sycamore Square
1200 Harris Avenue, Bellingham WA 98225


Historic Ambience / 19th Century Architecture
Built in the spring of 1890 Sycamore Square was originally Known as the Mason Block. In the early 70's the building was renamed The Market Place. Patrick Uy purchased and renovated the building in 1994 and renamed it Sycamore Square. Through the years Sycamore Square has undergone many changes, however she has never lost her historic ambience. With the Exposed brick, 12' foot ceilings and outstanding woodwork the splendor of the 1890's have always remained.
Sycamore Square

A Friendly Family Atmosphere
Sycamore Square has a wide variety of tenants. Two Restaurants, Music Store, Art Gallery, Shoe Store, Financial Advisors, Hair Salons, Individual Stock Traders, to name a few. Sycamore Square is a community all it's own, with a small town feeling. Often you will see tenants gathering on the landings talking about what's new ( shooting the bull as it's known in most small towns ).

Sycamore Square Amenities
We have plenty of parking, Sycamore Square owns theĀ  parking lot on the north and east corner of 13th and Harris. We also have the convenience of an elevator and handicap accessible bathrooms. The open balconies and atrium give the building a touch of splendor and class. If you have never visited Sycamore Square, it is a must see experience.
Sycamore Corporation, 1200 Harris Avenue, Suite 413, Bellingham WA 98225 • 360-733-6800 • 360-676-8989

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